The dreaded first blog post!

Writing the very first post on a new blog is always pretty challenging (at least for me anyway). I feel the urge to provide some sort of “about us” – but of course the challenge there is trying to avoid stealing the thunder of the actual About Us.

Make Websites Now! has been in the semi-planning stages for a number of years now. The timing just hasn’t felt right for various reasons, so I’ve held off from getting the ball rolling. This year I finally decided enough was enough! It’s definitely time to start helping people build and promote websites.

The site will serve multiple functions:

1) Web tool resource library – I tend to be a bit of a web tool hound. For years now I’ve been compiling lists (in mindmaps) of awesome online tools for building and promoting websites. I think sharing these tools here (the ones that are still available/useful of course) will not only help me organize them better, and give me a place I can easily find them – but (even more importantly) it will help me help you (hat tip to Jerry Maguire) find resources perhaps you didn’t realize existed.

2) Website creation/promotion training – as the title and tagline suggest, I want to get people up and running with their WordPress websites as quickly as possible, so I’m putting together a training center. The blog will certainly be helpful, as will various videos I plan to create – but dedicating a section of the site solely to training videos, guides etc will provide a much more systematic means of learning about these topics. This training area will be a paid resource – but I’m aiming to keep the pricing as affordable as I can (especially early on).

3) Inspiration & Encouragement – as cheesey as this may sound, I absolutely LOVE helping people pursue their dreams. I’ve faced some big challenges in my life, and have naturally been drawn towards the personal development field as a result. I know from firsthand experience that building an online business can be challenging, and downright discouraging work a lot of the time! Having someone to help keep you moving in the right direction can make all the difference!

Anyway – I think that’s enough on a little intro. If you want to learn more about the site, and more about me be sure to check out the “About Us” page!

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