Bentley’s Big Boring Bio

I decided to put this page together for those wanting to learn more about me and my background (beyond what’s on the “About Us” page).

The Early Years

I was born and raised (and still live) in Ontario, Canada. Growing up my interests always revolved around nature and outdoor pursuits in general. There wasn’t much evidence to suggest that I’d get involved in computers and/or anything entrepreneurial. My older brother was always the one into the electronics, including computers (once they started becoming more of a household thing).

Unlike a lot of future entrepreneurs, I didn’t set up lemonade stands, car washes or anything like that. Interestingly enough, my earliest business – set up with my brother one summer – involved selling fishing worms…and golf balls! lol
We were staying on a farm (close to where my dad had a summer teaching position) that happened to be located directly beside a golf course – so it ended up working quite well!

I did also have a paper route as a kid…but other than that, I didn’t even really work all that much during my public school years (including high school believe it or not), let alone have my own business. I was terribly shy for most of my life (still pretty reserved – more on that later), so that certainly had a major impact on everything I did, and led me to do far less than a lot of people.

It was probably in high school when I first really started getting interested in the idea of owning my own business, and just generally being totally in control of my own life. I can recall getting caught up in various late night infomercials, namely those relating to “making money” and personal development (I loved the Anthony Robbins ads). One business opportunity in particular stands

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