I want to introduce you to a VERY simple practice/philosophy that could absolutely change your life…if you commit to it, and give it some time!

As you can likely guess it’s called “ONE SMALL THING”.

So what is it?

EVERY…SINGLE…DAY…I want you to commit to doing at least

ONE SMALL THING that gets you closer to your goal of developing an effective website…closer to developing an effective business. If that’s not your aim, ONE SMALL THING that takes you closer to your important goals in general.

There is REAL MAGIC in small, incremental steps done regularly – when those steps are tightly in-line with what you’re trying to DO or BE.

“So what counts as ONE SMALL THING?”

Anything that truly helps you move towards your goals.

It should be SMALL, and laser focused. Not BIG and VAGUE.

Instead of “set up my website” or “do market research” it should be more like:

“brainstorm domain names”, “register a domain”, “sign up for web hosting”, “install WordPress”, “sign up for paypal”, “create ‘contact us’ page”


“sign up for Google alerts”, “look at Quantcast data for ___________ site(s)”, “look for common ‘problems’ being expressed on ________ forum” etc.


Of course – but only after you do ONE SMALL THING! (lol)
Don’t let a day pass without doing something effective. Don’t do a million things on one day – and then nothing for a month!

No matter what…BARE MINIMUM…there needs to be ONE SMALL THING every single day.

Create a BIG post-it with the question “What ONE SMALL THING have I done today?” Put it where you will see it multiple times a day! Set up alerts on your phone. In your email account – whatever it takes to stay reminded!


Let me know how things are looking by this time next year! 😉

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