About Us

Make Websites Now! was created by Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie – a serious ‘eco-geek’ who also happens to have a passion for building and promoting websites – and helping others do the same.

I’ve been involved in the world of online entrepreneurship “full-time” for more than a decade. There have been plenty of highs. There have been plenty of lows. But the experience has completely changed my life. When I was younger I was SURE I’d end up in some sort of “normal” profession (likely a biologist). Now, I couldn’t even imagine not being a web-based entrepreneur!

This website was created for those interested in building and promoting WordPress websites. Especially for the passionate folks with entrepreneurial spirit!

It’s important to point out that I am NOT a technically gifted person – not even close. My older brother is the one who ended up being the technical genius of the family. This is a good thing though. I’m not like the REAL “website developers” – who often seem to have the social skills of a thumb tack, and who are genetically incapable of helping anyone understand anything! I completely “get” the tech-challenged mindset. I also just generally love interacting with and helping people online.

Not too surprisingly…

One of the MAJOR recurring themes (not to be confused with WordPress “themes” – lol) in my overall website creation/promotion philosophy is K.I.S.S.

Keep It SUPER Simple

As much as possible, I want to help people avoid getting bogged down with needlessly complicated, technical stuff. I’ve been down that road many, many times myself and know how frustrating it can be! The key is to break things down into bite-sized chunks, to keep moving forward, and to get help when you need it!

I’m not going to claim that I’ll have the answers to all your problems, but rest assured “my door is always open” – so don’t hesitate to drop me a line any time!

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