Gumroad – Ultimate Sales Engine For Solopreneurs?

When I was first introduced to Gumroad several years ago there’s no doubt I was immediately impressed! At the time it was a very simple, yet super slick online payment tool. As I recall, one of the things people were raving about back then was the fact that you could call up an order form […]

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Tyler Moore – My New WordPress Websites Hero!

As much as I like to think I enjoy designing/building websites – the fact is, it’s not really a passion (or strength) of mine. It’s everything that comes after the site is created that get’s me going! So, rather than beating my head against the wall trying to create killer WordPress tutorials, I’ve decided it […]

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K.I.S.S. E-Commerce

One component of building business websites that freaked me out for a long time – far more so than creating the sites themselves – was e-commerce. Specifically, the process of actually setting up a nice shopping cart that makes it easy for customers to do business with me. I’m not going to claim that I’ve […]

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Introduction to Photoscape

This is the first in what will almost certainly be a multi-part series of videos featuring my favorite free image-manipulation (and graphics-creation) tool. In this video I show where and how to download it (definitely some potential pitfalls there so I recommend watching if you are a first-time Photoscape user), and then show you how […]

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FreeMind – Mindmapping Software

I created this video just to provide a fairly quickly look at my favorite mindmapping software. If you’re looking for a great way to plan out…just about anything, and you haven’t yet tried mindmapping I highly recommend you check this out. I use FreeMind to plan out websites & information products, to organize cool resources […]

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Permalinks & Hyperlinks & YouTube, Oh My!

I decided to create a few screen capture videos on topics that may be of interest to those just getting started with WordPress websites. The first video covers how to change the “permalink” structure of your WordPress site (something I highly recommend doing fairly soon after installing WordPress). Next we look at how to add […]

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

If you are fairly new to the online business world, you may not be familiar with the term “affiliate marketing”. I’d wager to say, though, that if you spend ANY amount of time online you’ve been exposed to it. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a (primarily online) marketing approach that involves helping businesses sell […]

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I want to introduce you to a VERY simple practice/philosophy that could absolutely change your life…if you commit to it, and give it some time! As you can likely guess it’s called “ONE SMALL THING”. So what is it? EVERY…SINGLE…DAY…I want you to commit to doing at least “ONE SMALL THING”. ONE SMALL THING that […]

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terrified little boy

The dreaded first blog post!

Writing the very first post on a new blog is always pretty challenging (at least for me anyway). I feel the urge to provide some sort of “about us” – but of course the challenge there is trying to avoid stealing the thunder of the actual About Us. Make Websites Now! has been in the […]

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